Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Self-Sufficient Life

and how to live it
by John Seymour
The Complete Back-to Basics
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World Atlas of Tea

From the leaf to the cup
the world's teas
explored and enjoyed
Krisi Smith
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American Ulysses

A Life Of Ulysses S. Grant
R. White
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The Kimberlains Go To War

A Union Family in Copperhead Country
M. Murphy
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The Surnames Handbook

A Guide To Family Name Research in the 21st Century
D. Kennett
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Surnames, DNA & Family History

G. Redmonds, T. King and D. Hey
This book combines linguistic and historical
approaches with the latest techniques of DNA
analysis and shows the insights these offer for
every kind of genealogical research.
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Nearby History

Exploring the Past Around You
David Kyvig and Myron Marty
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