Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A New World

the history of immigration into the Unites States

The Divinity Code

Understanding Your Dreams and Visions
*the most extensive dream dictionary on the market
*dictionary of names and places
*metaphor dictionary
and more....

The Hidden History of the World's Most Powerful Order

Secrets Of The Knights Templar

The Genealogist's Google Toolbox

*  Google Search
*Searching Common Surnames
*Google Alerts
*Google Books
*Google News
and more....
author Lisa Louise Cook

Genealogy Research

How to organize the notes, papers, documents, emails,
scans, computer files, and photographs for family research....
by D.Kalten
What can you do? The answers are within this book.
Organize and then move forward!

Civil War 101

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About
The North, The South, The Leaders, The Battles,
and the History

Family Law

Children In Need Of Services
2014-15 Edition
Thomson Reuters
and Practice Series Vol 14 & 15