Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Total Fishing Manual

Joe Cermele and the Editors
of Field & Stream
317 Essential Fishing Skills

Weldon Owen

A Who's Who Of Your Ancestral Saints

...from St Gregory to St Thomas, Earl of Lancaster,
the saints presented in this book span ten centuries.
Genealogical Publishing Company

The Twenties In America a three-volume encyclopedia reference work
that comprehensively covers the impact of the
1920's, including the most significant people,
institutions, events, and developments spanning
both the United States and Canada.
Salem Press

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Olde York Church

The History of the Olde York Church
from 1840 to 2001
compiled by Lillian E. Hammond

The Weicht Family Genealogy

Note from the author:
Herr Ernst Hetzel who traced the Weicht family in Germany for me,
suggested that research be done on the maternal side (Eccard)
of my ancestor.

I am pleased to say the results were beyond my expectations. The
Eccard family is an old and distinguished one. Records were kept
in the church books back ten generations to 1580.

He was also able to send me another maternal side (Roesch) of my
ancestors. Records not quite so complete, but dating to 1528.

Since all who receive the family genealogy are descendants of this
couple, I am happy to include these records along with the Weicht family.

Genealogy of the Wickware Family

...containing an account of the origin and early history
of the name and family in England, and the record
of John Wickware, who emigrated to New London,
Connecticut, in 1675, and of his descendants in America.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Amazing Invention

How to get your amazing invention on store shelves..
An A-Z guidebook for the undiscovered inventor...
learn everything you need to know to go from
independent inventor to profiting entrepreneur....
Atlantic Publishing Group