Tuesday, November 25, 2014


A Definitive Visual Guide
Publisher DK


Atlas of Indian Nations

From the Arctic Circle across the Great Plains
to the eastern seaboard, National Geographic's
stunning maps and unparalleled illustrations
bring all aspects of the North American Native
experience to life.
National Geographic

Friday, November 14, 2014

Christmas Decorations from Williamsburg

The special holiday decorations that have long been associated
with a Williamsburg Christmas are featured in this exciting new
gift book from the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation.

George Whitefield

America's Spiritual Founding Father
In the years prior to the American Revolution,
George Whitefield was the most famous
man in the colonies.
Yale University Press

The Tuscarora War

Indians, Settlers, and the Fight for the Carolina Colonies
At dawn on September 22, 1711, more than 500 Tuscarora,
Core, Neuse, Pamlico, Weetock, Machapunga, and Bear River
Indian warriors swept down on the unsuspecting European
settlers living along the Neuse and Pamlico Rivers of North
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Publisher


Taming Manhattan

 Environmental Battles in the Antebellum City
With pigs roaming the streets and cows
foraging in the Battery, antebellum Manhattan
would have been unrecognizable to inhabitants
of today's sprawling metropolis.
Harvard University Press

Personality and Abnormal Psychology

Student Handbook to Psychology helps you learn more
about such concepts as perception,
cognition, attention, emotion, motivation,
personality, relationships, and much more.
Facts on File
Also...Developmental Psychology